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Dirty, tired, and knocked around by everyday life, your shoes need a spa day as much as you do.

Mosley’s Shoe Cosmetics is just the thing to make over tired shoes into hot accessories for fashionable women. Similar in consistency to body lotion, Mosley’s Shoe Cosmetics is not a polish or an industrial cleanser. It cleans and conditions shoes, purses, and other leather accessories, leaving behind only a beautiful scent. Regular use will keep leather supple and prevent nicks, cuts, and cracks just as a facial moisturizer keeps your skin soft and works to prevent cracks and wrinkles. Lengthen the life span of your favorite shoes and accessories or give new life to old favorites that have lost that sharp look.

Ordinary shoe cleansers are heavy and industrial with a harsh smell. Mosley’s Shoe Cosmetics brings shoe care to the boutique with a style and scent that matches the rest of you. The lotion adds no color or polish so it can be used on any color shoe or accessory. No need to store dozens of tins of hard shoe polish in various shades—the shoe’s true beautiful color emerges with Mosley’s Shoe Cosmetics.

My family and I have used and loved this product for over 20 years. We are making it available to the public because there is no other product quite like it on the market.

The Shoe Care Kit contains a 1 oz bottle of Mosley’s Shoe Cosmetics Lotion, an applicator sponge and an instruction card. All of this is held in an organza bag small enough to stash in your purse so your shoes can look fresh all day in spite of your unforgiving schedule. A few minutes is all it takes to make sure your shoes and accessories are as sharp looking as the rest of your ensemble.

Mosley’s Shoe Cosmetics Lotion should not be used on fabric shoes or accessories.


You spend money and time making sure you put your best face forward every morning — shouldn’t you put your best foot forward too?

Remember, your shoes have the last word.

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PO Box 202393, Shaker Heights, OH 44120 Ph: 216-470-4592

"Money back guarantee, must return remaining unused product."


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